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Tips on capturing those special moments with your kids…

  1. Don’t just sit your child down in a chair and tell them to say “cheese.” (Trust us, this will only work once.) Instead, take them someplace fun – a park, the beach, the woods, or just let them play in their room. Playground equipment in particular can result in many unusual angles and lots of natural smiles when taking pictures of kids. Natural settings can make for beautiful backgrounds when photographing children.
  2. Don’t forget props! A stuffed toy, their favorite chair – all the little parts of their life can help to distract them from you behind the camera. And, as an added bonus, when they grow up and look at the photos later, they will have far more meaning for containing a favorite teddy bear or something equally precious to them.
  3. It’s important to get you equipment ready before even mentioning that you’re going to take your child’s picture. A child’s patience can be pretty thin, and if they have to wait for you to get everything ready, you’re likely to miss your window of opportunity. On a similar note, a camera with a quick response time can be essential. Many point and shoot cameras suffer from what is known as shutter-lag (the length of time it takes from when you click the shutter till the camera actually takes the photo). When photographing children, this can be especially frustrating, so when possible, try to use a camera with little to no shutter-lag.
  4. Get down to the child’s level. This is a great way to get a fresh and unique angle in photographing kids. Unless the child is looking up at you, shooting down from your eye level doesn’t produce the best results. Sit on the floor or even lay on your belly for babies and look the little person in the eye. And don’t be afraid to fill the frame with the face when taking pictures of children.

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