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Photographing landscapes with Berger Bros

There are many tips and tricks to photographing landscapes. Taking landscape photos can be one of the most exciting forms of photography. Here are a few tips to make your landscape photography easier and better.

  1. Check the light when photographing landscapes. Taking your shots just after sunrise, or just before sunset can provide the best results. Another good time for taking landscape photos is just before or after a rain storm.
  2. Use a polarizing filter when photographing blue skies to keep them from coming out white.
  3. Don’t forget essentials, sensible shoes for well maintained trails, boots for more rugged terrain, a GPS unit for off trail explorations and a walking stick. Or better yet, a monopod or Trekpod from Berger Bros which doubles as a walking stick and lets you take crisp shots in low light.
  4. Choose a focal point when composing your shot. Decide what is the center of interest when photographing landscapes and plan your shots around that. Keep the horizon line straight and away from the center of the photo.
  5. When choosing a camera for photographing landscapes, consider a DSLR for the option of using interchangeable lenses, as well as the increased quality and megapixels. If you use a point and shoot camera, look for one with a winder ratio, or built-in wide angle lenses.
  6. Use a wider aperture to get as much detail as possible in your landscape photos. Use a tripod or monopod, and a shorter focal length to minimize camera shake.
  7. Consider finishing your landscape photos at home with computer software. Cropping, adjust colors and special effects can all be applied digitally, freeing your time outdoors to concentrate on shooting and hiking.
  8. Keep in mind the kind of outdoor activities you enjoy. Balance the need for a lightweight portable camera with a more durable one, if your activities might cause wear and tear on your equipment.
  9. Don’t forget the essentials – extra cards and charged batteries. Particularly in lower temperatures, rechargeable conventional batteries might fail. Keep some standard batteries on hand just in case.

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